A bold, new approach to development

The secret ingredient for effective development has been staring us in the face the entire time...the Acholi people.

60+ years of international aid work and research has taught us the strongest asset for development has always been locals who take ownership of community-based solutions on the ground.  We exist to prove this right.  We are betting on the Acholi people; their vision, their expertise, their passion, and we've already won.

See how our partners have stepped up during the COVID-19 crisis.

  • Meeting Spaces

    Where David can mentor women who are trying to restart their lives after being stuck in prostitution.

  • Innovation Spaces

    Where Elevate Water can manufacturer clean drinking water at an affordable price for Gulu.

  • Educational Spaces

    Where Brenda can learn how to read so she can bring her kids to our library and read books with them.

  • Educational Spaces

    Where Brenda can learn how to read so she can bring her kids to our library and read books with them.

  • Coworking Spaces

    Where Hashtag Gulu can collaborate with Takataka Plastics on employing kids who live and work on the street.

  • Event Spaces

    Where everyone can come together to enjoy performances by their children, their friends, and their peers.

  • Creative Spaces

    Where Vava can teach art classes, and Susan and Bosco can sell their locally made craft products.

We provide a multipurpose space that unites the whole community.

We are uniting leaders who work side by side under one roof. We unite friends over a meal or games, and we unite our community through our hospitality and respect for everyone who comes through our gates.


We partner with local leaders and grassroots organizations who share our mission to elevate Gulu.

"It takes an army" has never been more true. We get to be part of hundreds of amazing projects happening because of the amazing people who are making them happen.  Because we divide responsibilities and expertise, everyone can focus on what they do best, and rely on each other or us to fill in the gaps.  We can maximize efficiency, effectiveness, and sustainability of all of these projects by working together.

Local Ownership

Our partners' projects are either entirely locally led or embody missions designed specifically to equip local leaders to run their own projects.


Our partners are motivated by their deep compassion for everyone in Gulu (no matter their tribe, race, economic status, education, or gender).


Our partners are always thinking critically about how to solve problems, and the solutions they come up with are inspiring, creative, and effective!


Our partners demonstrate the highest level of honesty, unwavering in their values with the intent to be exceptional leaders in our community. 


Our partners work independently but in support of each other, sharing ideas and expertise, consulting one another, and celebrating success together.


The goal for each partner is to work towards their complete self-sufficiency so they can move out of Elephante and mentor new projects coming in.

We run income generating projects that will fund 100% of our operations and support community projects.

The cafe is open, and the hostel is under construction, but we are still fundraising for our #1 income generator; our 16 room lodge.

Help us become financially independent

Monitoring & Evaluation

Measurable Goals

How do you know if you're actually making a difference?  By working towards measurable goals and actually measuring them.

Statistical Feedback

We partner with M&E experts to provide relevant and timely feedback to our initiative leaders so they can know exactly how their project is doing.

Proven Results

When our initiatives are successful, we have data to prove it, and we share that data with anyone who wants to learn from it for even more development work.

Our partnership cohorts foster project collaboration and leadership support

Leadership can get lonely, so we make sure our partners are connected to other leaders to learn from and support one another. Even though their work is different, they consult each other, cheer each other on in struggles, and celebrate together in victories.