Cafe Staff

Ronald Rachkara

Cafe Manager

Generous and kind, hardworking and smart, Ronald shows up in force to any challenge he faces or responsibility he’s asked to take on. While his adventurous spirit drives him to explore new places, especially in nature, his kindness bars him from doing or saying anything that would distance him from other people.

As a manager of a culturally diverse group of people from all over Uganda, he makes a sincere effort to speak the language of any individual he is talking to or a common language that everyone in his group can understand.

When asked what makes him proud to be a Ugandan, he responds that he doesn’t like to be proud of any place he comes from because it could contribute to larger divisive attitudes among society. However, he is very proud of the natural scenery of Uganda; he enjoys taking long, solitary walks through forests in places like Kasese, where he grew up. Ronald cares a lot about the imminent danger to the natural environment in Uganda, which faces massive levels of deforestation and an energy crisis. He doesn’t want trees and other natural elements left in Gulu to be destroyed. He is currently thinking of how new sources of energy could be utilized to replace firewood and charcoal, about recycling the small, clear plastic bags made of polyethylene, and about the usage and littering of which is pervasive not just in Gulu, but all over Uganda. He likes to try to find solutions to problems that other people have failed to solve and takes on new challenges with gusto, no matter their size, an attitude that is just as much informed by his faith (he is a dedicated Jehovah’s Witness) as his natural disposition.

Going forward, Ronald looks at his role at Elephante as another learning opportunity with unique challenges to build his character and learn new professional and interpersonal skills. He handles a lot of financial responsibility and always challenges himself to look at a new situation from the perspective of the staff involved, to make sure he is giving the right orders and communicating well. He acts as an example of Elephante’s core values for the staff to follow, creating a cycle of positivity that reverberates through the community.


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