Cafe Staff

Oyet Nicholas


Shy and polite, Nicholas is one of the most recognized faces of Elephante. “I’m responsible for creating friendships with customers,” he says, “and I have learned to serve customers well.” His favorite part of being a cashier is meeting new people, and he is inspired by community leaders who join Elephante with their ideas and determination to accomplish change.

He used to operate his own small business, but some of his collaborators weren’t reliable, so he’s looking for a new opportunity to establish himself. In the meantime, he earns a steady living wage as a cashier, and when he isn’t eating enchiladas verde at Elephante, you’ll find him playing football or basketball, watching horror movies (his favorite), or helping his family with crop planting at home.

Going forward, “I want to see Gulu utilize Elephante Commons fully and have even more community centers spring up, and maybe even a shopping mall!” he says enthusiastically.


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