Security Team


Opiyo Justine

Security Guard 

Justine loves playing football, but his favorite thing to do is praise and worship God. He feels thankful to be working as a security guard at Elephante Commons because “my life has changed since working here. I am able to take care of my family and myself.” Though these two things are very important, what matters even more is how the staff are treated. “They have a love for people here.”

Justine was born in Gulu, but his parents moved the family during the insurgency and he returned in 2011. He loves Uganda because of its fertile land and beauty but wishes there were better opportunities for work in Gulu, especially for the youth. His desire is to raise awareness for issues that are holding Gulu back.

He hopes that as a security guard, he can bring peace to Elephante and wants to perpetuate the atmosphere of love he feels here.

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