Cafe Staff

Onek Kenneth Odinga

Pizza Chef

Kenneth likes to say, with complete candor, that he is in love with Elephante. “Here, we have one love,” he shares. “Everyone loves each other, and we treat each other fairly.” He is very proud of the life he has led and of where he is now.

Right now, he has one acre of land on which he is growing eucalyptus trees. He also keeps pigs at his father’s home. Somewhere down the road, he wants to open a hardware business related to farming tools and techniques. The one thing he doesn’t have time to do anymore is dancing. “I was very good at it in school,” he says with a little modesty, and he loves dancing to traditional Acholi music.

He wants to see more foreign investment in Gulu to create more opportunities for Ugandans to start businesses. “We are free, we have our land, enough land for growing crops and rearing animals,” he says with undisguised respect and pride in his country. “We have the ideas and plans, but sometimes we’re missing the financial resources.”


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