Welfare Team

Omoya David


Omoya is an old hand at making things grow and tending plants. “Starting in P3, I was taken to Kibimba rice farm in Bugiri district to work there during school holidays, and after P5, I went to work for them full-time.” After a short stint in Entebbe, he spent the next 20 years as a groundskeeper at Northview Hotel, the same property that Elephante now occupies. Over time, this property started to feel like home, and now he is an expert at navigating it, always welcoming visitors - including the first Elephante representatives when they came to view the property.

He has always been in charge of everything related to the lawn and trees; he continually shapes the flowers, prunes the hedges that form the fence work and provide privacy screens, and mulches the lawn. His parents were both farmers, and Omoya considers himself a born farmer too; it’s in his blood. He takes a lot of pride in providing for his family by growing crops and vegetables; he likes the work - as a matter of integrity - and doesn’t mind farming for his livelihood.

He’s been able to send all of his children to school as well as his brother’s two children, who came to stay with him after their parents died from AIDS. He takes joy in being a parent, shaping their characters and their futures by giving them a good start. Out of his five children, one is now married and has given him two lovely grandchildren.

Omoya always has a big smile on his face and says he likes everyone he meets. His favorite pastime is to receive visitors at home and to tell stories at work over tea and lunchtime, making friendships that, for him, never end. Charming as he is, it’s no surprise that he can’t count how many visitors he receives in a day “I have a good life, a healthy life, and I’m happy. There is no stress.”


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