Cafe Staff

Oloya Andrew

Pizza Chef

Andrew has a lot of ambition and a big heart. He used to be very serious about playing football and rugby, but this year, he hasn’t had time. He’s preparing for marriage to his girlfriend of four years, makes regular trips to his village to help his mom take care of her goats and the vegetable garden, keeps tabs on some land his family owns in an adjoining district, and keeps poultry.

He joined Elephante because he needed a good income to help him earn a living and someday, he would like to attend university for civil engineering. He likes how the managers treat workers. “They don’t bark at you when you’ve done something wrong; they talk to you in a polite way.” There is an atmosphere of constructive teamwork among the staff; at different points throughout the day, everyone will have stepped in to fill gaps to get the job done.

When asked what he thinks northern Uganda needs, Andrew responds eagerly, “To know more of God, to create more peace and stability.” He also wants to see more investment in infrastructure, like the current construction on Gulu’s main roads, because it invites more economic development, which creates more job opportunities. In the meantime, he will make the best pizza that he can so that the customers who eat it will come back over and over again. Deep in his heart, he wants to serve his community well by giving each pizza his best effort.


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