Welfare Team

Ojok Charles

Transport Officer

Everyone loves Charles. Mr. Congeniality, he loves to make jokes and rub shoulders with staff and customers alike. His wide smile and open heart have won him many friends from all over the world, through both connections he’s made at Elephante and his safari company, Dreamboat Tours and Traveling, which he started five years ago. He now employs five people, has four vehicles, and can take clients to all of the national parks in Uganda. He intends to make it the #1 safari company in the country, and based on his record, he’s confident that he can work hard to make it happen.

As the eldest of four, Charles dropped out of secondary school in order to take care of his sisters and pay their school fees. He wanted to make sure his sisters didn’t drop out of school and lose valuable earning potential, whereas if he dropped out, he could make enough money to support himself and all of them while sending them to school for as long as they wanted to attend. To date, all of his sisters have either graduated or are still in school, and he visits them once a month.

When asked about why he joined Elephante, Charles' face breaks out into his signature grin, and he says, “I’m working with and for good people. Elephante is the name of one, and Commons consists of many: the restaurant, library, agricultural work, the guesthouse.” The tree nursery, in particular, has inspired him; he spoke passionately about the issue of deforestation in Uganda. “I want there to be more respect for the environment and for people to cut down less trees. They should learn that if you cut down trees, you affect the surrounding climate and environment. It happens mostly in the villages. Outsiders are coming in and then paying villagers to cut down their trees for charcoal. People are not aware of the problem; they have to be taught about the danger of cutting down trees and the side effects of it on the future of northern Uganda.”


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