Cafe Staff

Lakidi Innocent


Of everything in life, the most important to Innocent are her two children, Aber Tracy and Rubangakene Jonathan. She dreams of them becoming Members of Parliament (MP’s), lawyers, doctors, or pilots, all of which are some of the most prestigious jobs in Uganda.

Tracy and Jonathan are currently in primary school in Gulu town, and while the younger is doing well, the older is playing catch up since the quality of education offered in their village school was suboptimal. It’s hard being a single parent, but she thinks the children are better off living in town than in their village. As Innocent puts it, without education there is no future, and she is proud of her children’s drive and their love of mathematics and English, respectively. She wasn’t able to go as far in school as she would have liked; she moved around a lot as a child with her family. Someday, she’d like to go back to school if she can afford it. “If God allows,” she says, “I would like to do something on my own, some sort of business. But God will tell me.”

Right now, her job at Elephante gives her a reliable enough salary to provide for her family: “At least I can afford to buy something for myself; even for my kids, at least I can afford to do something for them.” For the sake of her kids, she wants to see Gulu’s streets become safer and to see kids who are homeless find support to go back to school and have hope for their future. "Uganda deserves it as a whole; it is a wonderful country, with fertile lands and many islands." She wants to see peace and unity in the whole country and for everyone to have hope.


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