Executive Team


Brittany Neely

Executive Director

As a young girl, Brittany had dreams of becoming a writer, but as she grew older, her plans changed and she made the move from Seattle to attend a small university in Oregon for marriage and family counseling. “And I ended up becoming a wedding planner,” she says with a laugh.

6 years into her life in Gulu, Uganda, she is definitely not where she expected to be but is happy with where she is. After taking over a small cafe with her husband, the need for a larger space and more resources became apparent, and after a lot of time planning, asking questions, and searching, Elephante Commons began to develop right in the heart of the city. “They don’t need my help, but maybe if we all work together, share ideas, divide up the work, and encourage each other, we can ease the burden, and they can know they’re not alone.”

As the executive director, Brittany runs an organization pioneering the idea that local people are the best people to handle their own development. Her desire is for dignity to be restored in the lives of the Acholi people and that is evident in the way she manages the employees of Elephante.  “If I am ever having a bad day or feeling discouraged I spend 30 minutes with the staff and I feel better.”

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