Welfare Team

Awidi Lisa

Cleaning Officer

Independent and self-assured, Lisa is the heroine that Jane Austen only dreamt about. Growing up in a stoutly Pentecostal family with seven brothers and sisters, she learned through deprivation the value of solitude, peace, and quiet. She has plenty of fond memories telling stories with her family and digging in the vegetable garden alongside her siblings, but in January 2019, she decided to stay by herself and be in charge of her own home, a radical move for a young woman in Ugandan culture. She manages all of the housework and relishes her solitude. There is no one else around to worry about or share duties with, so she belts out her favorite gospel music while she works.

As she says, it isn’t bad to stay alone and plan for her future. She had to drop out of secondary school and would love to go back eventually to study law. For now, Lisa enjoys working at Elephante because of the trust and personal connections she has with her bosses and coworkers and the tips and bonuses she receives. She’s especially excited that so many people have found work at the café and to see more people receiving advice and support for their ideas on how to improve community service. “Of course I’m proud to be a Ugandan!” she exclaims. “Uganda is my country.”

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