Cafe Staff

Auma Gladys


Gladys spent the first four years of her life in Alero village, which is located in rural Nwoya district, before moving to Gulu. An active and curious child, she has fond memories of swimming, playing, and listening to her grandmother’s stories, which she now reads to her children-an eight and six-year-old. She reached S4 (senior year) in secondary school and ran competitively for her school’s athletics team until she was diagnosed with heart disease, which completely changed her life. Ever since, she’s had to take specific medications to manage her condition, which she buys monthly from the hospital.

“I’m proud of my tribe,” she says and then adds, “Uganda is a beautiful country. There is plenty of land for farming if you’re able and also good sources of water and trees.” She likes to have trees around her home because they protect it from wind and rain.



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