Cafe Staff

Atim Evelyn


Evelyn has a very creative mind, and baking brings out her artistic side. “When I bake, I build something good and beautiful, something I’ve designed,” she says. That process of creation is what draws her to baking and cooking, and someday, she can see herself as a professional baker. But whether or not she’ll stay at Elephante, bake from home, or find another outlet for it depends on her upcoming marriage next year and how soon she has children with her future husband, whom she met in 2019.

For now, her favorite thing to bake is muffins (they make her so happy), and in the future, she would like to see a national government that can create more job opportunities for youth who have all of the qualifications for good jobs - have graduated from secondary school or university - but who cannot find a job in their chosen fields in Uganda. She’s proud of her political right to freedom of speech and isn’t afraid to suggest that she would prefer a change in leadership.

She is also proud to work at Elephante; she joined because of the way the staff is treated by upper management, and the standard of cooking and service is higher than at other restaurants in Gulu. In her free time, she likes to listen to music, especially Westlife, an Irish boy band from the 1990’s-2000’s. Her favorite song is Evergreen.


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