Media Team

Amito Specy

Communications Associate

Specy’s has two mottos-be the best you can, and be who you are. At 45kg (99 lb), she is petite and full of pizzazz. Fashion is her passion; a natural-born storyteller, she takes joy in expressing herself through her fashion choices and by using a camera, whether she’s in front of or behind the lens.

Unsurprisingly, Specy’s style is daring, eclectic, and sophisticated; even her hair is carefully shaped and colored so as to reflect not just her personal taste or her mood, but her soul. Every piece of clothing in her closet has been carefully selected for the impression it gives her, and she dresses with those individual backstories in mind. Today, she’s wearing something sleeveless; she feels happy and free.

She loves coming to work at Elephante, not least because her supervisors don’t try to control what she wears and how she styles her hair. Instead of being forced to choose between hiding herself by dressing “decently” or being negatively labeled as dramatic, she feels comfortable and at home. Accordingly, she’d like to see conservative and old-fashioned people in Gulu accept the change she perceives is already upon them. “Certain things should be normal, like letting women wear what they want,” she says with sincerity. “Red hair does not mean incompetence or that you don’t have common sense.”

It feels completely normal to be in front of a camera, co-managing Elephante’s vlog. “I get to tell a story that a million people want to tell but don’t have the same opportunity to,” she says. Though her university degree is in public administration, she would have majored in mass communications if it were offered; since she was 16 years old, her passion has always lied with digital media in all its forms. She acted in an Acholi film called “Girl from Lamwo” (available on YouTube) and was featured as a model at a local designer’s show. One day, she wants to work in TV as an entertainment reporter, covering everything from concerts to fashion shows.

When asked what, if anything, makes her proud of her country, she doesn't hesitate. “Our country is beautiful, from the water to the vegetation to the animals,” she says, upbeat.

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