Cafe Staff

Akulu Kevin


Kevin is a talented athlete and identifies as a low-key feminist. She loves to listen to gospel music, especially the Ugandan artist Odong Romeo. She has lived all over the country and loves Uganda because “everything in it is interesting - life, people, food, and culture, especially the Acholi culture,” she says with a wink. Someday, she wants to go to university for education in literature.

She likes her role as an expo. "I want people to come back, become regular customers and bring their friends.” Long-term, she wants to see reductions in the numbers of homeless children living on the street in Gulu and to see expanded access to higher quality education, since most well-performing and resourced schools are in the town areas.“You can study in the rural areas, but you don’t make it beyond primary level, especially the girls who fear competing with boys. Boys are taught that they’re the best. Society teaches girls they can’t do certain things and then when girls see a boy at the top of their class, they don’t feel like trying,” she says plainly.


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