Cafe Staff

Akello Joyce


Ambitious and hardworking, Joyce loves to cook both local and foreign dishes. She learned to cook foreign dishes at Elephante. “One day, I want to have my own hotel,*” she says confidently, “but it isn’t possible at this time.”

Born in Gulu, from 1991-1997 she stayed in Kampala where she studied catering at the Jimmy Sekasi Institute and went for field training at Sunset Hotel International in Jinja, where she learned to cook a variety of local dishes in formal settings. Her certificate of completion set her up for early success in catering, and she slowly worked her way through several jobs before landing at Elephante.

She likes the friendly atmosphere and safe working environment as well as her job security. “At some other jobs I had, you could come into work one day and find that the boss had replaced you with someone close to him, a relative or a friend,” she says, “and you wouldn’t have a job there anymore.” She also likes the working schedule for employees because they are given free time to rest during shifts as well as more than one day off per week, which helps her keep up her home without undue stress.

Joyce is a single mother and currently stays in Layibi with her three children, all of whom are in school. “Everyone in Uganda should be free of corruption so that everyone has fair opportunities for work,” she says matter-of-factly.

*in Uganda, “hotel” commonly means a small restaurant, and except for luxury hotels, “guesthouse” is more commonly used to talk about accommodations.


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