Welfare Team

Ajok Doreen

Welfare Chef

As a single mother, Doreen moved to Gulu in order to find work and procure an opportunity for her children to study in town. Village schools do their best, but their resources are very limited, and Doreen wanted her two children, who are currently 17 and 11-years-old, to have access to higher education because job opportunities come with it. She’s happy her children are studying, there is no war in Uganda anymore, and people are at peace.

At Elephante, she values the sense of camaraderie among the staff. “The people are together, and if you have some problems, they help you,” she says. “We love each other.” Though you won’t hear her admit it, Doreen herself is a huge contributor to that work culture; her patience, humility, and kindness endear her to everyone.


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