Welfare Team


Acan Gloria

Welfare Chef

In her free time, Acan Gloria makes loofahs out of a local plant. Once the fruit of the plant matures, she goes through the process of making them ready to be sold, which helps provide extra income. She is a single mom to a 3-year-old girl, so working at Elephante as a welfare chef and making loofahs helps her provide for her daughter and herself.

Gloria was born in Gulu but later moved to the village with her parents. She returned because “life was hard there.” She knew she needed a job and found out Elephante was hiring, but the reason she applied was because she heard employees were treated well and everyone works as a team. She enjoys her work here mostly because she found what she heard was true. “People here are friendly,” she says with a shy smile.

Her number one goal is to take care of her daughter, and one day, she would like to open a restaurant in the village for someone to manage while continuing to work here, for extra income and security.

At Elephante, “I can be an agent of awareness because I see all of the good things we are doing.”