Cafe Staff

Acan Concy

Head Chef

Generous, empathetic, and curious, Concy is in charge of managing the kitchen and overseeing food production and staff performance. She likes to keep in touch with people and makes sure they know that their needs matter to her, whether they’re subordinate staff, neighbors, or family members. “I want to see someone when they are happy when they are working,” she says with a wide smile. “I don’t separate people, I don’t order other people around. Sometimes they tell me not to do something [[small or menial]] because I am the head chef, but I say no, we do everything together.” She enjoys the responsibility and leadership of her role and wants to continue working at Elephante.

Concy’s father died in 2013, and though she has three brothers, according to Acholi society, she carries the most familial responsibility as the firstborn child and daughter and because of this, struggles to maintain her home, educate her 6-year-old child, afford medicine, and help out her mother when she needs it. She reaches out to her mother daily to make sure the vegetable garden is doing well, buys medicine in case of sickness and food to eat.

When asked if there’s anything she would change about her life, she responds with certainty, her eyes shining, “We want peace in Uganda, and individual Ugandans struggle financially. I like Uganda because there is no other country where I can go and stay with someone I know, all of my family is here. But I want to go and see other countries and tour. I want to go to Kenya, in particular, to see how it looks. How is the place? Is it like Uganda or different?”


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