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We're still fundraising to renovate our space, but we can't reach our full potential without you. We want our space to be ready for any idea this community can dream up, and we know we can get there, but we can't do it alone.


Tour Our Space

Elephante Cafe

You would be hard-pressed to find a community who doesn't share a meal together, and we have a full menu of local and international food to do just that. Our pizza is the local favorite, but if you're from out of town, you can't leave without trying the Acholi Sample Platter, overflowing with our favorite local dishes.

100% of the profits from the cafe go to the operations and expansion of Elephante Commons. Our cafe is currently open with limited hours and social distancing requirements updated as the COVID-19 lockdown progresses.

Event Hall

We thought an all-weather, indoor event hall that can hold 250 people was just a pipe dream, but we have one! It needs a lot of work though - our current stage is broken cement that crumbles under the feet of the performers. We envision spotlights, a proper sound system, stage curtains and backdrop, and all the things our partners need to host the best event possible.

The Event Hall is currently closed due to the COVID-19 Lockdown.

Acacia Room

The first of 3 meeting rooms, the Acacia Room is a versatile space for up to 40 people. You can host classes, meetings, small parties, movie presentations, and more with this private event space. Up to 5 events can be hosted every day. Want it catered? No problem, we can cover that too!

The Acacia Room is currently closed due to the COVID-19 Lockdown.

Craft Shop & Art Gallery

Hosted inside the cafe, we love having our walls adorned with beautiful Ugandan artwork, available for sale to our community. Every item for sale at our craft shop is made in Northern Uganda. Tailored items from Susan's fashion school, beautiful leather from the ladies at Bosco's bags, and more!

90% of every purchase from our craft shop and art gallery go directly to the artist. 10% goes towards the monthly operations of Elephante Commons.

Partner Offices

The lifeblood of our center, these office spaces are overflowing with amazing people and inspiring ideas. Even though these offices have seen better days, we know their future is bright because of the occupants. We hope to create even more spaces for even more partners with our innovation village (a co-working office and manufacturing space made of shipping containers).

Currently office spaces are only available for our partners, and we have no vacancies.


Bunk House

We were only a few weeks away from opening this 32-bed hostel when the country was locked down. We are laughing about the timing of trying to open a community hostel during a pandemic (laugh or cry right?). Construction is resuming, and as soon as teams can visit Gulu again, we'll be ready for them!

100% of the profits from the Bunk House will go toward operations and expansion of Elephante Commons. Our grand opening is TBD based on COVID-19.

Future Spaces

We hope all of these projects are right around the corner. Our partners are ready to use all of them. We're just waiting on funds to get them started.

The Lodge at Elephante

Our final step in generating enough income to cover 100% of our monthly operations and support our partners through grants and microloans is our lodge, which will have 15 self-contained rooms and one executive suite. If we reach our lodge fundraising goal by the end of 2020, we will be completely, financially independent by 2022!


The Library

Right now, it's just an empty plot of grass, but once we develop the space and add some cozy seating, this library, the only of its kind, will be available for anyone in Gulu and stocked with thousands of books!

Dance & Yoga Studio

Tucked away in the back corner of the property, yoga sessions can be as private and relaxing as needed, and dance classes can be as loud and rowdy as they want, both in a beautiful, open-air grass thatch hut.

Innovation Village

Built from scratch, our giant, co-working office spaces will be made from renovated shipping containers. Pairing startups with business mentors locally and abroad, and offering trainings, we're in the business of success.

Homeless Youth Center

The goal is to restore the dignity of these kids with a space they can call their own and reintegrate them back into the community, starting with collaborative programs across Elephante.


What do you do with a giant hole in the ground? Create a 400 seat, outdoor amphitheater, of course! On the back half of the property, this will be where our biggest events, trainings, and parties are hosted!


A public playground for kids of all ages to enjoy together under a canopy of trees and designed with teaching in mind, our desire is for it to be filled with children laughing and moms enjoying a little latte break.

Sports Court

Basketball, volleyball, football, ultimate frisbee, spikeball, badminton, we want all of it! With two courts; a fenced-in, cement basketball court, and a smaller grass area, we can host a number of community sports leagues! And when we add lights, the competition will never stop!

Art History Museum

Inspired by our partner Vava, we are carving out small spaces across the entire center for statues and murals representing Gulu's history and highlighting their greatest heroes. We expect it will become a place teachers will bring their students on field trips for a visual history lesson.

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