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Health & Job Creation

Elevate Water

With the sole mission of getting affordable, clean drinking water into the homes of everyone in Gulu, Elevate Water (formerly Jibu Water) is a self-sustaining business selling clean drinking water in reusable bottles.

Operating out of Elephante, they are the first partner of the Elevate Fund, with all their profits dedicated to helping our partners get their projects off the ground.

Order water at 0776-080-977 or 0794-717-610

Equality & Human Rights

Hashtag Gulu

“Street kids” (or more considerately called kids who live and work on the street) are stigmatized by many in the community as violent criminals.

But not by Hashtag Gulu. This group of young volunteers values these kids and wants to see them reach their highest potential. Elephante Commons will become the hub for mentorship, life skills, and vocational training with the end goal being to integrate them into society.


Innovation & Sustainability

Kijani Forestry

It is estimated that 100 years ago, Uganda was 97% forest. Now, because of the use of firewood and charcoal, Uganda is only 7% forest, and the rate at which it is still dropping is terrifying.

Kijani Forestry is leading the way in tree farming and efficient charcoal production. In less than a year since launching, they have already planted a million trees, most of which are from the tree nursery at Elephante Commons.


Innovation & Sustainability

Takataka Plastics

Plastic waste is plaguing the streets of Uganda. The country used to sell the recyclables to India and China, but both countries have cut off their collections. Northern Uganda is in desperate need of recycling options, and Takataka Plastics is ready to be the answer.

Starting with a small-scale demonstration recycling center out of a shipping container at Elephante, they hope it will be the first of many in Northern Uganda. Takataka also trains up young entrepreneurs with a profitable and green business mindset.


Creative Arts & Equality

Watwero Dance Company

Led by one of the most inspiring men in Gulu, Watwero Dance Company is creating a beautiful community by celebrating all of humanity, including the most rejected people groups, through dance. Recovering from trauma himself, Geoffrey teaches how to channel pain into stories through dance and yoga for anyone in the community.

His nickname is "The Message" because he is always sharing the message of hope through the language of dance.


Gospel Clarity & Accessibility

House to House Uganda

God and the Bible aren’t nearly as accessible in this Christian country as you might think. Some pastors are teaching about things they, themselves, don’t understand, and often times, their congregation doesn’t have a Bible to read.

House to House is a model of creating disciples through Holy Spirit led house churches, and they have adapted their Accessible Discipleship Model to work with other development initiatives at Elephante Commons.


Innovation & Job Creation

Agamega Agro Enterprises

Among a generation of young entrepreneurs who want to do something besides common farming, Deo is a diamond in the rough, modernizing his industry and inspiring others to do the same. He is introducing new crops, like oyster mushrooms, and he is determined to share his innovative ideas with others so they can start their own small farms and profit from his work.

Deo is almost done constructing an earth-bag house at Elephante as a demonstration mushroom farming project to inspire new entrepreneurs in the community.


Education & Literacy

Pangea Educational Development

This Kampala based organization has several approaches to bettering literacy in Uganda, one of which has been launched in Gulu through Elephante Commons. Mobile libraries are like old school Netflix for books – a weekly bicycle delivery of new books on loan to families.

They are also the top publisher of children’s books in the Acholi language, focused on local folklore from the region (which are currently for sale at the Elephante Craft Shop).


Job Creation & Creative Arts

Modo House School of Fashion

Tailoring is a common trade here. Though that might be the case, no one excels at it quite like Susan at Modo House. She challenges the norms of her industry and is constantly looking for new and exciting things to make.

She could have let her success stop there, but she is determined to train others to her level of design and skill so they, too, can benefit from the profit. We are selling her items at the Elephante Craft Shop, which help fund her fashion school.


Creative Arts & Education

Reform to Inspire

One woman’s passion for music and refusal to conform to the corruption and greed of the mainstream music industry has inspired a music project that will encourage the kids of Gulu.

Her vision of coming alongside young talent and fostering them to see music as the art, freedom, and expression it was meant to be has already inspired so many. We love hearing her music flow out of her office walls at Elephante Commons, and we love an excuse to get her on stage in our event hall!


Gospel Clarity & Equality

Living Stones Community Church

A branch of their parent organization, Abaana’s Hope, this church is focused on equipping its congregation with a deep, clear, and accessible understanding of the gospel and the Bible. They focus on serving the poorest and most vulnerable people in Gulu.

Every Sunday morning our Event Hall is converted into a church sanctuary and you can hear the worship across the entire community center.

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Sustainability & Education

Afrigreen Sustain

Started in 2016 by Okwoko Peter, AfriGreen Sustain has quickly gained traction as Peter has made it his mission to sensitize others on the importance of proper waste management. So quickly, in fact, that 2 tons of Gulu’s waste has been averted from dumpsites, some of which has been recycled or upcycled into things like tiles and tables.

Operating directly out of Elephante Commons, the organization focuses on working with community leaders, local businesses and youth organizations through education and outreach about keeping our planet as clean as possible.


Job Creation & Education

Dan's Meat &
Read for Life

A meat company operating out of Elephante Commons has a dual mission of providing a variety of high-quality meat products for the Gulu community and using all its profits to fund an amazing teacher training program specializing in phonics and serving over 150 schools in Gulu and surrounding areas.


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