gulu’s development incubator

The secret for effective development has been staring us in the face the whole time…the Acholi people.

60+ years of international aid work and research has taught us the strongest asset for development has always been locals who take ownership of community-based solutions on the ground. Our existence is entirely inspired by the locals who are already showing up for their community. It’s their vision, their passion, and their expertise. We fill in the gaps by providing the space and data they need to make their project as effective as possible.

We come alongside existing development projects and brand new initiatives to enhance their works’ potential reach and effectiveness.

Because, it’s not about us. It’s about Gulu’s vision for Gulu.

Agamega Mushroom Farm

Your first thought when considering the needs of Gulu may not be about mushrooms. But Deo sees the bigger picture, and he has made the connection between young entrepreneurship, the need for a new generation of farmers, and diversifying production.

Hashtag Gulu

A local group that started as a conversation about the overall needs of Gulu has now evolved into a deep understanding for supporting the most vulnerable kids in Gulu.

Reform to Inspire

One woman’s passion for music and refusal to conform to the corruption and greed in the industry is now sharing how to overcome the many obstacles children here face through love, music, and inner strength.

We equip visionaries to become community leaders

Every change making idea starts as a small seed in the mind of someone brave enough to ask, “what if…?”


Where an idea becomes a fully formed initiative.

A new idea starts with a wave of intense inspiration, likely followed by, “Wait, where do I go from here?” Our curriculum is designed to answer that question for anyone passionate and serious about a project to benefit their community. Whatever the project, our goal is to provide leaders with the data and information they need to make their project as successful as possible.


Knowledge is more than power. It’s the key to effective development work.

We are stockpiling data on successful and failed projects from every sector of development so we can learn from mistakes and improve on successes. Our partners can use this data to inform their own program models, operations, and effectiveness and spot potential weaknesses before they start.


Just because they are leaders, doesn’t mean they should work alone.

Sometimes the hardest part of leadership is the isolation. When we link fellow leaders together in our praxis cohorts, they can support each other as they dive deeper into the diverse areas of development they each represent. Through weekly meetings of intentional support and reflection, they can leave feeling more restored, encouraged, and known.

We provide a multipurpose space big enough to host all of it.

Meeting spaces

A place for Lois to host a support group for parents of children with mental disabilities.

coworking spaces

A place for David, Deo, and Paul to collaborate on how best to support women stuck in prostitution.

educational spaces

A place for Brenda to learn how to read so she can bring her kids to our library and read books to them.

innovation spaces

A place for Peter to start Northern Uganda’s first recycling center as a demonstration for others to replicate.

creative spaces

A place for Vava to showcase his art, or Geoffrey to teach dance and yoga, or for Susan to sell her handmade crafts.

Event spaces

A place for everyone to come together, and enjoy performances by their children and their peers.

Monitoring & Evaluation

Measurable Goals

How do you know if you’re actually making a difference? By working towards measurable goals and actually measuring them.

Statistical Feedback

We partner with M&E experts to provide relevant and timely feedback to our initiative leaders so they can know exactly how their project is doing.

Proven Results

When our initiatives are successful, we have data to prove it, and we share that data with anyone who wants to learn from it for even more development.

Project Blending

By working so closely together, our partners are often inspired to work together towards similar goals. Like David who mentors women who are stuck in prostitution, while Deo and Paul provide them with stable employment as they reset their lives. When everyone works together, the burden becomes light, and holistic development can be achieved..


A great movie, an even greater way of life.

Alongside our culture of sharing and community teamwork, we encourage anyone who has received something valuable from a project at Elephante to share that benefit with their neighbors as well.

Gospel Integration

In a town where God is still seen as only reachable through a pastor figure, sometimes with the requirement of paying money first, our partner House to House Uganda is combating this with their Accessible Discipleship Model. They have made God and the Bible available to anyone, anywhere, and they are applying it to any partner initiative at Elephante who wants to incorporate it into their project for a more holistic impact.