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For decades, Gulu's story was defined by war and poverty, but the Acholi people are ready to write a new story - one about resilience, innovation, and celebration.

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Invest in Elephante's Future

When you donate to Elephante, you are equipping local changemakers with what they need to make their vision a success. You are rewriting the story they've been told for decades - that they are inadequate to lead their own people. You're telling them it's their time to shine!

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Turn a small monthly payment into a life changing celebration. If you give $10, $30, or even $100 a month, you would be changing Gulu's future forever.

Your monthly gift will cover our operations (until we become fully self-sustainable) and invest in the growth of Elephante's facility so we can provide more space and resources for our partners.


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A one time donation as small as $15 can buy one chair, which can be used by 150+ people every month who are attending something meant to enrich their lives. What better way could you think of to spend your money?


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We believe that prayer can change everything, and we won't accomplish our goals without it. Sign up for our monthly prayer newsletter and be part of a team of believers from all over the world who are praying for Gulu.