join the story. join the victory.

Let’s turn decades of terror into a story of triumph!

For decades, Gulu’s story was dictated by one man, Joseph Kony, tormenting Northern Uganda with murder, kidnapping, and grotesque violence. The war is over, but the destruction he left in his wake is still affecting development at a crisis level. Unless more is done to change this, the effects of one monstrous rebel leader will continue to plague this town for generations to come.

your support changes everything

Development work feels a lot like moving a mountain, and right now, we’re chipping away at it with spoons. If your donation can buy one shovel to replace one spoon, that can change everything; not only for the work that can be accomplished, but for the person on the ground doing the digging.

It’s time to rewrite Gulu’s story.

When you donate to Elephante, you are equipping local change-makers with what they need to meet the needs of their community. You are rewriting the story they’ve been told for decades-that they are inadequate to lead their own people, and you’re telling them it’s their time to shine!

Give Monthly

Turn a small monthly payment into a life changing celebration. If you can spare $10, $30, or even $100 a month, you would be changing Gulu’s future forever.

Only 20% of your donation will go to monthly operations, and the rest will be used to build our facility so we can serve Gulu for years to come.

Fund a Project

Love reading? Help us build a library. Love learning? Fund a classroom. Love business? Sponsor a hotel room! Pick a project that inspires you and help us share that inspiration with the Acholi people.

*100% of project donations go to that specific project and the labor to launch it.

Run a Fundraiser

Don’t have the cash? Use your skills instead. You can host a fundraiser right where you are. Run your own social media campaign, host a dinner, run a garage sale, organize a concert…the event ideas are limited only by your creativity.

*Contact us and we’ll set up your very own fundraiser page and give you some tips!

Give Once

A one time donation as small as $15 can impact the lives of 150 people every month for years to come! What better way can you think of to spend your money?

Join the Prayer Team

We believe that prayer can change everything, and we also believe we won’t accomplish our goals without it. Sign up for our monthly prayer newsletter and be part of a team of believers from all over the world who are praying for Gulu.

Elephante’s Hallway of Hope

Help us show Gulu there are thousands of people across the globe who believe in them!

Words of encouragement can uncage a disheartened spirit. The first 1,000 people to give a donation (no matter how big or small) can add a message to Gulu to be on display for everyone who visits Elephante for years to come.

Help us fill our hallway with 1,000 messages of encouragement for Gulu.