the lodge at elephante

Sponsor a Room. Rebuild a Community. Leave a Legacy.

Right now, we are offering a unique donation opportunity. A one time gift of $10,000 will pay for renovations for one of 15 rooms at our lodge. Not only will this lodge bring in enough income to support the operations of our entire community center for years to come, we are also offering our donors the opportunity to name their room after themselves or a loved one.

A one time gift of $10,000 will build one room at our lodge.

Renovations, Plumbing & Electrical
Furniture & Decor
Hotel Infrastructure & Amenities

lodge income + dorm income =
100% monthly operations

$5,000 back in our pocket!

All renovations, plumbing, & electrical will be reimbursed by the landlord.

$11,000 income each year!

Each room has the capacity to bring in $11,000 of gross income each year.

100% of operations funded!

Even at 30% capacity, the hotel and dorms will cover 100% of our monthly operations!

More profit to share!

All other profit will go towards funding other programs like art classes.

Leave Your Legacy.

The Pam Halpert Room

“The Dwight Schrute Room”

The Dunder Mifflin Room

Everyone who fully funds a room will also be given the naming rights to it! Name it after yourself, a loved one, a company…even a pet? Whatever inspires you.

Choose Your Room!

The Cydney Mizell Suite


“We chose to name the suite after my best friend, Cydney Mizell, who was murdered in Afghanistan for her work in missions. Now, Cydney’s legacy of empowering women can not only be honored but can live on in Gulu because of this room and what it will accomplish.”

Cindy Anselmi, Bothell Washington

Room #01

As the firstborn, and quite the perfectionist, this season without a purpose has really worn on him.

0% Funded:

Room #02

A true giver, she found herself giving a little too much. The book The Giving Tree was loosely based on her.

0% Funded:

Room #03

Always overachieving, where others were content to have a walkway, she needed to have a tree.

0% Funded:

Room #04

He’s a shy little guy but a deep thinker and artist. Don’t let the outside deceive you, he’s a diamond in the rough!

0% Funded:

Room #05

Hanging out in her own little corner, this lady likes to ponder the meaning of life while enjoying a nice cup of coffee.

0% Funded:

Room #06

This guy is as social as they come, but be careful, because he is also a gossip. Good thing his walls can’t talk.

0% Funded:

Room #07

A true adventurer, he has a tendency to go on a few too many outings and got a little too beat up.

0% Funded:

Room #08

She is a tough cookie, and when you try to tear her down, she just stands up even taller than before.

0% Funded:

Room #09

Keeping the peace is always his priority, especially when the twins aren’t getting along. He really hates conflict.

0% Funded:

Room #10

As a twin, a unique identity has always been important to him. When everyone else zigs, he is sure to zag.

0% Funded:

Room #11

The younger of the twins, he is always trying to prove himself, sometimes trying a little too hard.

0% Funded:

Room #12

He was quite the looker but everything went downhill when he broke his leg and lost the championship game.

0% Funded:

Room #13

She’s stunning to behold but too shy for her own good. She is what her counselor describes as “clothesed off.”

0% Funded:

Room #14

A middle child, always sandwiched between her siblings, she always dreamed of being a movie star.

0% Funded:

Room #15

The youngest of all her siblings, her jealousy runs deep, and she does everything she can to stand out.

0% Funded: