borrow a book, keep the ideas.

Fundraising Goal: $19,500

We already have 7,000 books donated and no way to share them with the community! We want to offer a public space for children and adults alike to be whisked away to far off lands or learn about whatever sparks their curiosity.

$0 of $19,500

The Plans

  • A double shipping container overflowing with books (and a desk for our librarian)
  • An outdoor lounge perfectly designed for a day of reading
  • An all-weather reading circle space for kids

Our Expenses

  • $8,300 to install shipping containers and make necessary adjustments
  • $5,200 for fencing, landscaping, and all-weather structures
  • $4,300 for bookshelves and outdoor furniture
  • $1,700 for librarian equipment, solar lights, and other small supplies.