gather and grow together

Fundraising Goal: $11,100

There are a lot of leaders who are ready to share their knowledge with their community, but they don’t have a place to do it. Our first classroom, the Acacia Room, has barely opened and it is already one of the most talked about rooms in Gulu because it is one of a kind. We want to open two more rooms for even more community development opportunities.


Pearl Room: $5,200

People already joke that Elephante is Gulu’s living room, and we realized a living room is exactly what we were missing. An intimate space for support groups, bible studies, counseling, and more.

$0 of $5,200


  • $1,500 for floor and roof repairs
  • $2,500 for furniture
  • $550 for lighting and decorations
  • $650 for projector and other equipment


A classroom with desks, or a giant conference table, or work stations for an art class, the mango room can hold between 15-30 people and host a vast variety of community activities.

$6,300 of $5,900


  • $1,800 for floor and roof repairs
  • $2,100 for tables and chairs
  • $900 for lighting and decorations
  • $1,100 for projector, sound system, and other equipment