give gulu a brighter future.


Sponsor a Hotel Room

We’re offering a unique opportunity to sponsor and name a hotel room at Elephante Commons. One room costs $10,000 usd and can earn $11,000 usd each year, which will go directly back to Elephante and the Gulu community.


Build a Library

We already have 7,000 books donated and sitting in storage waiting to be read. We need a space we can open up to the public where they can be accessible so people can sit together and enjoy a good book.

$0 of $19,500

Community Space

Fund a Classroom

We have two empty rooms waiting to be transformed into meeting spaces for the community. Once renovated, they will be available for whatever class, meeting, party, or other community focused event needed for 15-30 people.

$5,900 of $10,900

Community Space

Furnish Our Event Hall

Our all weather event hall can hold 180 people, the only one of its kind in Northern Uganda. It will be available for booking community focused events like training seminars, local performances, fundraisers, or family movie nights. Already open with only 60 chairs and limited electrical, we need more support to really see what this room can do for Gulu.

$0 of $26,700

Office Space

Support Our Staff

Accomplishing our goals takes a lot of work, and doing that work without the proper tools and space makes it a lot more complicated. Our current office is in what will soon be the catering kitchen, and we need extra support to build and furnish the space our staff needs to thrive.

$1,000 of $8,900


Renovate the Dorms

This 32-bed hostel will be a critical piece in generating income for Elephante, with its unique ability to cater to the popular niche market of visiting teams. The space has the capacity to bring in over $15,000 a month all by itself, which is more than we need for monthly operations for the entire center. We are 100% funded and looking forward to your visit! Thank you!

$32,400 of $32,400