Elephante's Build-Out Blast for 2021!

Covid has kept us apart for far too long!

We're helping the Gulu community reconnect by upping our hospitality game. We are creating outdoor hosting space for 200+ people and equipping Elephante with what we need for a successful 2021!

What can we build for $23,000? ...a lot!

Your donation goes faaaaaaaar at Elephante, and we know how to fishes-and-loaves every dollar! Look at everything we can do with your donation...

The Lawns

Let's hang out in the garden where we can relax, work, play cornhole, let our kids run around, and enjoy enough space to social distance 100 people!


Goal; $5,700

Rooftop Canteen

Our rooftop space is awesome, but it's missing an all-weather cover so we can use this 50 person space in the rain and in the hot, sunny days. #everyday


Goal; $6,300

Staff Offices

Phenomenal cosmic goals! ...itty bitty work space. We can't take Elephante to the next level while we share an office with the catering kitchen.

Goal; $7,400

Craft Shop

Right now we're turning local artisans away because we don't have enough room to display their crafts. Thankfully, it just takes some wood, nails, and your generous gift to fix this!


Goal; $1,900

Front Sign

We've been open for 2 years but we still don't have a sign at our gate. How embarassing! We have dreams of a giant lighted sign that will tell the world Elephante is here!


Goal; $900

Volleyball Court

We're not stopping at sand volleyball, we'll use this space for spikeball and badmitton too. Available for anyone in the community, this court will be filled with laughter and memories!


Goal; $800

Support us and help the Gulu community reconnect!

Your donation will expand our hosting capacity, ensure Elephante can get back on track for 2021, and support the Gulu community in recovery after lockdown!

I want more details!

Elephante Commons is already a central hub for friends to gather and leaders to strategize their next idea, but our current hosting space reaches capacity quickly. This is a fantastic problem to have, and one a little donation from you can quickly fix!

  • The Lawns


    There are no public parks here. Nowhere for Gladies to bring her kids to run around. Nowhere for Ronald to relax and read a book. Nowhere for Agatha to have a picnic with friends. Right now it's an empty lawn, but we see it for all its potential to become the heart and soul of our space.

    Key Benefits;

    • This is the closest Gulu has to a public park or anything like it.
    • Seating for 100+ people for cafe dining or just hanging out
    • Shade structures and lights making it usable all day and all night
    • Lawn games and board games for quality time together

    Your Donation will;

    • Purchase the tables and chairs
    • Build 2 stunning shade structures to make this space useable in the hot sun
    • Purchase locally made corn hole, ladder golf, and other lawn games.
    • Add cafe and fairy lights through the whole space for magical evenings
    • Add 2 stone verandas and landscaping because the Acholi people deserve something beautiful!



  • Rooftop Canteen


    Our rooftop is already one of our most popular spaces at Elephante, and we haven't even set it up yet! When it's not being used for events like concerts or yoga classes, it's an extension of the cafe, perfect for dining, meeting, and enjoying the sunset. Unfortunately, it's unusable during the day because of the equator heat, and since it rains most nights, it, sadly, goes unused then too.

    Key Benefits;

    • There is no other space like this in Gulu!
    • Space for 50+ people no matter what the weather is like
    • Amazing vibe for rooftop concerts and yoga classes
    • Additional dining space for the cafe to expand our income and sustainability

    Your Donation will;

    • Build a metal roof with beautiful wood frames that will protect us from the hot sun and heavy rain!
    • Add several tables & chairs so we can host up to 50 people!
    • Run electricity up to the roof for guests, events, and the perfect mood lighting!

  • Staff Offices


    Right now, management operations takes place in what is supposed to be the catering kitchen. Sharing space with refrigerators and pantry storage is inconvenient but the bigger problems are that catering can't happen until we move out, and it's hard for management to be efficient without basic office supplies like a printer, desks, or private meeting space. We can’t increase Elephante’s hosting capacity without also increasing our productivity internally.

    Key Benefits;

    • Increased efficiency for management team
    • Private meeting spaces and secure storage for important items
    • Vacating the catering kitchen so the cafe can finally expand

    Your Donation will;

    • Cover repairs and minor remodel for two private offices, shared workspace, and conference room
    • Provide office supplies and furniture

  • Craft Shop


    Our craft shop shares a space with the cafe, adorning our walls with bright African fabrics, beautiful leather products, and so much more. 100% of the products are made in Gulu by local artisans who are mind-blowingly talented. But our little tables are overflowing with products already! Luckily we have more space, we just need donations for adding the shelving and display cases so we can welcome even more artisans to the Elephante family!

    Key Benefits;

    • All the crafts are locally made and creating jobs in Gulu!
    • This is the only Gulu-made craft shop that exists!
    • Create a beautiful new display area that will showcase these items as they deserve!

    Your donation will;

    • Build two full wall shelf displays for hundreds of craft items
    • Build stacking shelves and clothing rack at the front counter
    • Provide startup capital for Elephante merchandise (for our own income generation)
  • Front Sign


    We are located on a busy road, and the blue building and pink gate are easy to spot, but only if you know what to look for. We want to make sure all of Gulu knows we're here, and we want a sign that makes it obvious we're the place to be! As soon as our elephant logo is posted and lit, we will be the talk of the town the very next day!

    Key Benefits;

    • No one will be able to miss this sign when they pass by
    • Not only will everyone know our name, everything around us will be described as "next to Elephante"
    • Our partners will finally have an easy time directing their visitors to us

    Your donation will;

    • Provide professional printing on long lasting outdoor material
    • Cover welding and sign installation
    • Add an electrical line to the gate for power and security lights
  • Volleyball Court


    A sand volleyball court is a perfect way to spend an afternoon with friends. Thanks to our partner Kijani Forestry we have some beautiful trees that will add shade and the perfect vibe for this space. When it's not being used for spikeball, volleyball, or badminton leagues or classes, it will be available for pickup games for anyone who wants to give it a go.

    Key Benefits;

    • Finally a recreational option in Gulu that isn't soccer or drinking at a bar!
    • One of the only places in Gulu a family can do something fun together
    • The only public volleyball court
    • The only place in Gulu to play spikeball or badminton

    Your donation will;

    • Hire the labor for digging, leveling, and several trucks of sand
    • Buy locally welded net poles
    • Buy sports equipment and backup sports equipment

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