Gulu's Community Accelerator

Our mission has always been about bringing people together, and we don't think that has ever been more important than right now.

Covid-19 can't stop Elephante!  Meet our partners!

Progress Through People

Elephante Commons is a collaborative development project in the heart of Northern Uganda.


We come alongside local innovators and changemakers who are spearheading projects that will transform Northern Uganda!


How it works...

A real-life example of our model in action. This story happened in the first year of opening Elephante and was one of the first successes we've celebrated.

We create the space that brings everyone together

We aren't just a community center. We are creating an inner culture of like-minded leaders who believe they have the exact skills, expertise, and passion that will elevate the Acholi people in inspiring ways.

David wants to support women who are trapped in prostitution

David is an Acholi himself, and he understands the issues in his community on a very deep level. He knows what these women need in order to be freed from their situation and begin thriving in a true and lasting way.

We connect him with two other partners for a collaborative effort

We know just who can help him make this a success.  Kijani Forestry can provide jobs and a sustainable livelihood for these women, and House to House Uganda can create trust and healing through their small group Bible studies.

We all work together to achieve the goal of supporting these women

David provides holistic trainings and mentorship, while Kijani supports them financially and provides basic business trainings, and House to House offers discipleship, all under one roof at Elephante Commons. We even offer free monitoring and evaluation to our partners for data-driven results when needed.

We all celebrate together when David's plan is a huge success!

It didn't even take a year to see the direct impact of this effort. These women are starting their own businesses, buying land, leading their own bible studies, and even serving others in their community and sharing the support they've received.

We cultivate even more partnerships and support new leaders!

Our 5 acre property, right in the center of town, has potential to accommodate thousands of people every day. Right now, we're only limited by our funds to renovate it.  We're ready to go all in with these common heroes, but we need your help.

With your help, Elephante Commons will be able to generate income to cover 100% of our monthly operations by 2022!

If we reach our fundraising goal for our lodge by 2021, by the end of 2022, we will have enough income to sustain our community center for many years to come! COVID-19 has forced us to cancel our fundraising events. We need your help to stay on track.

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